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Am/Can Ch. Pohlkats Mosseea of Biscuit  

Chrisma Fancy Pants O Mic Mar  1999-2001  
Owned and loved by Joanna Parker

Chrisma Sunchasr N the Wind   1998-1999   Chase had a fetish for chewing everything in site, and got a stomach blockage. He was owned and loved by Mike & Mary Counihan of MicMar Chows

Ch. McKayla the Little Princess - She died of stomach cancer.
She was loved and missed by Janie Pohlman of Pohlkat Chows

Noblehouse Midnight Wind (Windy)  Nov 1994-Aug 1998

Noblehouse Midnight Wind (Windy)  Nov 1994-Aug 1998
Windy died on a spring day the temp was 55F and she was
running around with the other dogs and died of heat stroke..

Noblehouse Seminole Wind    1994-1999   Noble was a beautiful shaded red male, who loved to show and was a clown all the time.. Noble started having seizures and was taken to Pullman University where it was diagnosed he had a brain tumor... He never woke up...

Can Ch. Noblehouse Wutao Ekatarina  1999-2002
Kat died due to a vets negligence, and was over anesthetized.


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