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Color:  RED 
Sex:  F
Born:  11-6-96
Reg.#  NM64270602   OFA3041G
Call Name:  ELLE
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation


Am\Ch Medley Pohlkat Codeman,
Red, NM46058501, 

Am\Ch Bandit Monterey Jack,Cream, NT579852 Am\Ch Mister Bear Magicman Tu, ROM, Red, NT055444, OFA1248G Am\Ch Mister Bear Fancy Pants, ROM, Red, NS694226,OFA794 Am\Ch Rhythm Magicman O' Starshine, Red, NS478706
Am\Ch Darien Deli Delite, Red, NS574683
Bearfoot Queen Of Spades, Black, NS707849 Am\Ch Cedar Creek Midnite Special, Black, NS390301,OFA447
Cedar Creek Afternoon D'Lite, Red, NS491820
Am\Ch Bandit Oh Glory Be, Red,NT411644 Am\Ch Koby Webster Woo, Red, NT109318,OFA1384G Am\Ch Chinabear Golden Talisman, Red, NS904143,OFA1591G
Am\Ch Koby Josie Posie, Red, NS885696,OFA922
Bandit Let The Glory B Mine, Red, NT283748 Miller Ole SoloMeOh, Red,NS891039
Lorraine Marguerita O'Miller, Red,     NS813042 
Kitts Golden Image Of Echo,    Red,NT613427 Biddles Echo Of Solo, Red, NS824753 Biddles Solo Of Excalibur, Red, NS710004,OFA912G Am\Ch Laral Excalibur By Weiss, Red, NS360745,OFA454
Am\Ch Cedar Creek Ginger Cookie, Red, NS555210,OFA510
Am\Ch Cc Hon-E-Bear Of Carol, Red, NS566659,OFA671 Melody Wayfaring Stranger, Red, NS263591
Dusty Jasmin, Red, NS455544
Kitts Jena Ain'T Misbehavin,Red,      NT305235 Ch Mike-Mar Maverick Of  Kitts,Cinnamon, NT231649,OFA1453F Am\Ch Koby Maxwell Smart, Cinnamon, NS837945
Ch Mike-Mar Whizz, Red
Kitts Midnight Lace,Black,NT118538 Champagne Stoker Ace,Black,                 NS948352
Kitts Shena By Peabody,NS860768


Noble House Meyer's Sunsplash, NM45880903,  OFA2588E



Lohan Noblehouse Ian, NM32001004,    OFA2588E   MBISS\Am\Cn\I\N\Ch Lohan Nicolaas, Red, NT098749,OFA1274G Am\Cn\Ch Jasam Lohan Taishaann, Red, RU447552 Am\Cn\Ch Taichung Justin Of Mike-Mar, ROM, Cinnamon, 1000732,   OFA797G
Can\Ch Jasam Topaz From Taichung, Red, 986543
Am\Cn\IntCh Leatherwood Ajai, ROM, Red, 1021836 Am\Ch Leatherwood Matthew, ROM, Red, NS717073,OFA720 G
Taichung Windsong, Red, NS532604
Lohan Ebonie Cassandra,Black,    NT555173 Am\Cn\Ch Lionheart Warrior, BIS, SBIS, Red, RQ435073,OFA1354G Am\Ch Jonel Track Mactavish, ROM, Red, NS449056,OFA389
Can\Ch Laral Shawnee, ROM, Red, NS722056
Am\Ch Lohan Ebonie Chaar-Daye,Black,NT142383, OFA1507G Am\Cn\Ch Jasam Lohan Taishaann, Red, RU447552
Leatherwood Dark Markie, Black, NS794948,OFA823G
Noble House Empress Of China,NT469239,   OFA2276G Chinas Sweet N Sour Of T-R-K, Red, NT188518 Cn\Ch B-Chuzy Admiration Of Kodi,Black, NT140967 Am\Ch Cherdon Mean Joe Of Ling Tsi, Red, NS648234
Cn\Ch B-Chuzy Admiration, Black, NS781658,OFA837
Greenwood Su-Lin Of Jin Song, Red, NS931236 Cho Cho Of Buhda Wu, Black, NS834538
Jin Song Of Mei-Ling, Red, NS829539
Solady Sunrise Of T-R-K,Black,     NT076922 Am\Cn\Ch B-Chuzy Rocky Mountain High, ROM, Red, NT035583,OFA926F Am\Ch B-Chuzy Kodi, Black, NS542991,OFA602
Ch B-Chuzy Natasha, Red, NS861903
Greenwood Kheng-Shee,Black, NS878836 Cho-ChoOf Buhda Wu,Black, NS834538
Sheena Marjo Mandarin, Red, NS755209


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