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 Color: CREAM 
 Sex:  MALES  
 Born: SEPTEMBER 9, 2005
 Reg.#  NP10695801
 Call Name: Kazoo
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation

Tanseks Gizmo


Amer\CH SHOH-DEE'S NIP-N-TUCK, 09-18-1996, CREAM, NM70366001 (9-98)
IC= 14.25781

FILBRUNS-BIDDLES JACK FROST, 10-16-1989, CREAM, NT585408 (10-91)
IC= 0.00000
MISTER BEARS MAGICMAN TU \ ROM, 08-07-1985, RED, NT055444 (5-88), OFA1248-G
Amer\CH BANDITS OH GLORY BE, 02-15-1988, RED, NT411644 (3-90)
IC= 4.72412
Am\Cn\CH. SHOH-DEE'S TRACKN' TO BOB-C-BEAR, 03-22-1991, BLACK, NM29065902 (5-95)
SHOH-DEE'S MIDNIGHT MELODY, 11-23-1991, BLACK, NM32449504 (5-95)
MINSH LILLY, 07-23-1995, CREAM, CKC EN275455, NM66421201
IC= 0.00000
Can\CH SHOH-DEE'S THE WHITE LION, 10-30-1992, CREAM, OFA2665-G, NM45603701, imp CKC 1051009
IC= 0.00000
FILBRUNS-BIDDLES JACK FROST, 10-16-1989, CREAM, NT585408 (10-91)
SHOH-DEE'S MIDNIGHT ANGEL, 05-07-1990, BLACK, NT716698 (6-92)
Can\CH CHERIE'S HEARTS DELIGHT O'MINSH, 10-19-1993, RED, NM51592403, CKC 1052391
IC= 2.10266
Am\Cn\CH. CHERIE'S TASK FORCE O' KAMENAH, 07-09-1992, RED, NM40992505 (2-94), OFA2503-G
CHERIE'S LATTE' O HANNIBAL, 09-26-1992, RED, NM44541901 (2-94)
Can Ch. Chrisma
Jussa Lil NY Elegance
shaded red, NM896713
Am\Cn\Ch Pondview Samson Of Chowdown, Red,NM65279901 Am\Ch Trages Cagney,Red,          
NM30190402  OFA2352

Filburn Biddles Jack Frost, Cream, 10-16-1989, CREAM, NT585408 (10-91)
IC= 0.00000
Trages Chessa Ti, Red,NT641529
Am\CH Koby's Anticipation, NM48063402 OFA2671  Am\Ch Jaden Kobi, ROM, Red, NT405802,        OFA1610
Am\Ch Crystal Lake Katie At Koby's, ROM, Red, NT428169,OFA1789
Am\Cn\Ch Meyers Ellegance Of Chrisma,
Red, NM64270602
,     OFA3041G
Am\Ch Medley Pohlkat Codeman,
Red, NM46058501,   OFA2610F
Am\Ch Bandit Monterey Jack, Cream,NT579852
Kitts Golden Image Of Echo,Red,NT613427
Noble House Meyer's Sunsplash    NM45880903,  OFA2588E Lohan Noblehouse Ian,NM32001004,    OFA2588E 
Noble House Empress Of China  NT469239,   OFA2276G  


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